I had the pleasure of photographing an assignment for Maine…

I had the pleasure of photographing an assignment for Maine Quarterly. Check out the interactive Magazine below. The recently won an
award in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual. Really great use of
interactive technology. Thanks for having me Mitch!

The Maine Quarterly

Communication Arts Interactive Annual


Mark Goldstein / Mitch Markussen art directors
Molly Dvora Rosenblum / Nick Pipitone, writers
Mitch Markussen/Nick Pipitone, creative directors
Kevin Kriehn, interactive creative director
Todd Ruehmer/Joseph Salvatori, developer
Genevieve Schweitzer/ Darlene Stimac, producers
Fred Ziegler, digital production director
BVK (Milwaukee, WI), project design and development/ad agency
Maine Office of Tourism, client
Jason Lindsey, photographer
Taylor Strohmeyer, photo assistant
Ramsey Tripp, Video Director
Jayson Lobozzo, DP
James Demmer, Audio
Tom Eichler, Audio
Johnny Mowat, Video Assistant

See full post here: Jason Lindsey Blog2015-03-03.