Hidden Gems // Please Don’t Tell

Please Don’t Tell is a NYC “speakeasy” located inside the East Village location of Crif Dogs. And with a hotline for reservations and a tight door that can take hours to get in, PDT may not seem like a “hidden gem.” But most people know the “bar behind the phone booth” for Jim Meehan’s award winning cocktail menu and secret passage way. Not the true hidden gem of the establishment… the back page hot dog menu!

Walk down a few steps off the street into the small unassuming dog shop, and you will see a small telephone booth to your left, enter, pick up the phone and a wonderful young lady will ask you if you have reservations. If you don’t, and sometimes if you do… she will most likely give you a time frame to return. It is important to note that they are not keeping people out to stay exclusive… its just a small place that fills up fast and has an atmosphere where time ticks away unknowingly so people tend to stick around.

Once inside you will find a cocktail menu that rivals any specialty shop in NYC, but if you are going specifically for drinks, I would suggest Angel’s Share just up the street on Stuyvesant. The true hidden gems at PDT are the hot dogs. Like Crif, all dogs are based on the “jersey ripper style” cooking technique of deep frying the hot dog. But PDT dogs, although they are prepared at Crif Dogs, cannot be ordered at Crif Dogs.

The menu includes a few gems created by local NYC chefs / barflies along with some tempting sides. Fans of Momofuku can chow down on David Chang’s bacon wrapped creation smothered in Momofuku kimchee puree. While those looking for something more traditional can try Phillip Kirschen-Cark’s Van Dog. Wylie Dufresne of wd-50 fame even has a deep fried mayo and tomato molasses monstrosity that is a must! And yes, that is right, deep fried mayo!

Please Don’t Tell is located 113 St. Marks Place in the East Village. We suggest calling ahead of time and making a reservation 212 614-0386.



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