Hidden Gem Los Angeles // Cognoscenti Coffee Thai Brunch

When we originally came up with the concept of our “Hidden Gems” series for the blog, we thought we were going to keep it local. With all the art galleries and restaurants popping up daily, there’s a ton to explore here in Culver City. But then there was that monthly cocktail club in Malibu we wanted to talk about and that dumpling place in Korea Town. So “Hidden Gems of Culver City” quickly became “Hidden Gems of Los Angeles.” But then we thought, what about that cool tea shop our friends in New York took us to or that funky toy gallery in Tokyo? So let’s just say we are going to start local.  We don’t know where we’ll to go from here, but we can promise you that, if you follow us, you’re going to discover something new.


You may know about the small little pop-up coffee shop called Cognoscenti in the popular Atwater Village bakery Proof, you may even know they recently opened a stand-alone shop here in the Culver City Art District. But what you probably don’t know is that Jack Benchakul, bio tech wiz, turned Pastry Chef, turned Coffee Disciple is cooking up some serious Thai influenced food on Sunday mornings for his weekly Thai Brunch.

With nothing more than a hotplate and a 2 x 3′ prep space, Jack is cooking up noodles, spring rolls, desserts, and even ravioli. All with a Thai twist. The menu changes every week and after three weeks in a row, we have yet to be disappointed. Oh yeah… and they have coffee too.

Check it out, Thai brunch, 10am – 3pm Sundays at Cognoscenti Coffee in Culver City.

6114 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232



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