Over the weekend I was informed of a post going up on PDN’s website by Scientific American photo editor Monica Bradley regarding your’s truly.  In this business on a great shoot I always say no news is good news.  I never expect praise when delivering a job – even an outstanding one.  This industry moves too quickly and by the time my shoot with a PE is done they are already onto several others.  A job well done is one where you deliver 110% and do so without the expectation of a pat on the back.  So when I was sent this link I was incredibly graetful.  To have someone praise how you work, your vison and what you deliver is just an incredible feeling.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have relationships with PE’s like Monica  where I’m given the opportunity to develop a creative collaboration and trust that allows for pushing the envelope and a unique vision for an image that wouldn’t be possible on a one off assignment.  So many thanks Monica for making my day and for the amazing ongoing collaboration.

Here is a link to the mentioned post:—7390.shtml

Some of my favorite Scientific American images above and below.

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