GOOD Magazine issue 020, NOLA, the imagery behind the story

On stands now: GOOD magazine, the new orleans issue.

This quarterly magazine is a self declared “collaboration of people, businesses and nonprofits pushing the world forward.”

We proudly credit photographer Daymon Gardner for the cover as well as covering various stories through out the issue. (sidenote: get a preview of the alphabet book that Gardner is currently completing with Art Director Nessim Higson) Higson acted as the guest AD for the 020 issue of GOOD. See the contents page for an out take of Gardner, Higson and cover subject Darryl “Dancing man 504” Young.

Daymon Gardner’s passions are human interest stories and photography, so any opportunity to combine the two usually leads him on an adventure that he documents with not just his eye, but his heart. Gardner gives back through his photography with many non-profit projects every year including ELEVATE.

As a Louisiana Native and NOLA resident, Gardner has been witness to Katrina and now the Gulf Spill. Our conversations of late have been about the abundance of time and emotion he has put forth for Men’s Journal, Time and many other publications who have commissioned Gardner in recent months.

NOLA has been been given a great amount of attention in 2010, not just for the Gulf disaster; this year marks 5 years since Katrina made way and left catostrophic damage that the city is still recovering from. But, this is issue of GOOD puts the positive words on it’s cover: THE AMAZING REBUILDING OF NEW ORLEANS.

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