Are you thinking about those affected by the hurricanes and wondering what you can do to help? Here is a creative idea from our friend, Heather Elder. Please read and consider getting involved.

We hope you are safe and dry, wherever you are.



The news coming out of Puerto Rico is awful and like so many other people, I want to help in a meaningful way. And since we are so much stronger together, I am suggesting an idea that our photo community can be part of, called #GivingPhotography, to offer photography prints in exchange for hurricane relief donations for communities in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean.

On Monday, October 2nd, I will share the idea on my blog and social media. And already, At Edge and Le Book (thank you!) have agreed to share this email with their own lists. I have also reached out to agents, photographers and other influential people in our community in advance in the hopes that we can coordinate our efforts and promote together.

Here is how the idea works:

1) Choose a print that you are willing to donate. Any size, any photo, any subject.

2) Post a photo of it on all social media accounts with information about the photograph and why it is special.

3) Clearly state how many prints of the image you are willing to donate; especially if there is only one available.

4) Make sure your post explains that receiving the print requires a donation to the hurricane relief of their choice. Once they make the donation, they need to post a screen grab of the receipt for the donation in the comments of the photographer’s post to prove that the donation was made.

5) And finally, include the hashtag: #GivingPhotography

Some helpful notes:

• Choose a minimum donation amount in exchange for the print. And, consider adding your own spin the on offer. Maybe an auction? Print goes to the highest bidder. The auction would happen in the comments, just put a deadline for when the auction closes.

• Be sure to share the time frame in which the print will be shipped.

If you like this idea, please share this email with photographers you know and people who represent them so that they can get started thinking about what they will want to donate. If we make it a priority to spread the word, maybe we can get some critical mass and reach a lot of people who would be willing to participate.

Thanks everyone for considering this idea.

Heather Elder