Friday Friend – Peter Wood


I am so fortunate to meet so many amazing people.  I decided to add a weekly feature to the blog called Friday Friends where we will introduce a new “friend”  each week. This week we start with Peter Wood.  He has an impressive background and he is an inspiration to be around.  If it’s credentials you want, Peter has them.  He has worked at agencies in Europe and the United States. Places that you’ve heard of – Saatchi & Saatchi, Yellowhammer, WCRS and Howell Henry in London to Ogilvy, Euro, Goodby and Slingshot in the US.  On accounts that you know; IBM, Motorola Volvo, Adobe, HP Corporate, HP Computers and HP Printers/Ink, Jack Daniels, UPS, Ping, JFK Library, Thomasville Furniture, Kodak, Amex, AIG Insurance, Cotton and Perrier. Peter is also a teacher. He has taught at Creative Circus, Miami Ad School, Delaware, California College of the Arts, SMU and SCAD.

Name?  Peter Wood

Current Location?   A 1973 contemporary house in Dallas, Texas

Day Job?   Creative Director. Mentor. Teacher.

Guilty Pleasure?   Single cream on Cornflakes

All time favorite meal?   Chip Sandwich

What inspires you?   The juxtaposition of art and science

Who’s art do you most identify with?   Jackson Pollock

Strongest childhood memory?   The chip on my front tooth. I’ve never had it fixed. It happened when I was 9.

What are you listening to?   The Civil Wars and Ludovico Einaudi

What are you passionate about?   The written word.

What else should we know about you?   I stopped wearing my current glasses 4 years ago.  Yesterday I started wearing them again and I can see better now.


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