Friday Friend – Jon Bross

This week’s Friday Friend is Jon Bross.  When we were in the offices of Vladimir Jones in Denver recently we were introduced to Jon as a possible candidate for our Friday Friends feature on the blog because everyone at the agency thinks “he is the cool one.” Aside from kickin’ it in Media, Jon is a musician in the band Grass It Up. He plays Contra Bass and Electric Bass.  Their music can be found on all music portholes and they recently were given their own Pandora channel.  We think he’s pretty cool too.

Name?  Jon Bross
Current Location?  Patty’s “corner office” at Vladimir Jones/Denver
Day Job?  Media Director
Guilty Pleasure?  Beer
All time favorite meal?  Elk, anyway but especially Elk Stroganoff
What inspires you?  My daughters.  There is something about kids and the way they look at things; they are untainted and see the world full of endless possibilities.
What media inspires you?  Music
What is your strongest childhood memory?  The Colorado Mountains.  I am a native of Wisconsin and the mountains made a strong impact on me when I would spend time in Colorado hiking and skiing.
What is your favorite music?  Grass It Up
What are you passionate about?  Working hard and playing hard – day and night.
What else should we know about you?  I love to cook and I love everything about the outdoors.  I’ve climbed all 54 mountains in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet.

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