Friday Friend – Jackson

With a background in furniture and jewelry design Jackson wears many hats everyday.  A talented artist and designer in his own right, he works full time as the concierge at Barney’s Dallas.  Acting as a master of ceremonies this guy can make anything happen. We’ve seen it.  A little insight to help us understand the world in which magic is made:

 Name: Jackson

Current location: The wonderful Dallas, Texas

Day job: Corporate Concierge for Barney’s New York

Guilty Pleasure:  An outdoor fireplace, one close friend and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot with no place to be the next day.

Favorite meal: all homemade – lobster bisque, a farm fresh veggie salad dressed with olive oil, vinegar, lemon, salt and pepper and shrimp scampi with extra garlic over a bed of angel hair pasta.

What inspires you: A highly stylized creative modern environment like a house, boutique hotel, restaurant or fashion showroom.

Art you identify with:  I love any art that has trees in it.  I have been collecting all types of awesome art work with trees as the theme for about 6 years. I feel it speaks to history, growth, renewal and longevity. Trees remind me of how short life can be for all of us and how we need to take advantage of every day.

Strongest childhood memory:  My Mother raising 3 kids by herself; working multiple jobs and never once letting us see her sad or see her sweat. She was and still is the meaning of a solider.

Music that you are currently listening to:  I have been locked into this long time love affair with The Smiths. One of my best friends just gave me a box set of all their CD’s so I have been playing them all – on repeat.

What are you passionate about?  TRUE face to face conversation …in a world where texting, and the internet rule supreme I love to put the world on pause  look people I care about in the eye and stop to actually talk.

Top three things anyone must do when they are visiting Dallas: The Nasher Sculpture Garden, a bike ride around White Rock Lake, A 5 course dinner with wine pairings at Local restaurant in Deep Ellum.

What else should we know about you?  Even though I am around people 90 percent of the time my first love is to sit with a cocktail and have a pad of paper and a pen for creative thoughts with the sounds of Morrissey playing in the background.

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