Films we love: Sweetgrass

Sweetgrass is stunning, wild imagery mixed with rich, interesting sound.  Not too much talking or camera movement.  The life comes from the unique subject.  Each shot tends to last just long enough to make you uncomfortable, at which point you notice a few more things, which leads to a deeper connection with the film.

Scene that’s not to be missed: slow pan of a sweeping mountain view while we hear a cowboy sobbing to his mother over his mobile phone. 

But this is just one of many mind blowing scenes.  Overall, it’s a completely immersive work of art.

And it came at a price.  From the producer’s statement:  “When Lucien got down from the mountains that fall, he was unrecognizable – bearded beyond belief, 20 lbs lighter, carrying a ton of footage, and limping. He would later be diagnosed with trauma‐induced advanced degenerative arthritis, caused by carrying the equipment day and night, and need double foot surgery.”

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