Our recent shoot for Edward Beiner eyewear about “Craftsmanship†to be utilized in a newly designed website, social media and blog postings.

The Assignment brief in the client’s words: “The images will be used as a part of a blog about “Craftsmanship” and how Edward Beiner designs around quality and attention to details. For that reason, we need to make sure it doesn’t look staged. It needs a journalistic look, but with a fashionable touch.

“Ed’s big on classics, has a classic vintage motorcycle and car himself, loves classic watches, Riva sports boats etc. So I want to try and implement some classic looking items, like a turntable. I would like one with wood instead of vibrant, colored acrylic.â€

The shoot took place at 3 locations around Miami in one day.
Ed provided the classic Austin Healey. We began at 7am at J Wakefield Brewing with the Austin Healey, Ed, and a couple of models. Leslie provided the hair and make-up, Ellie took care of the wardrobe.


We shot the Austin Healey with the talent in the parking lot of the brewery in front of a cool Darth Vader mural, working mostly in the shade and with sun bounce reflectors.  We covered detail shots as well as the model shots with the glasses and then moved inside to stage the Brewery photos with a small group of talent and some of the elements that go into fine craftsmanship of creating a fine beer. We utilized Profoto B1’s mixing them with natural light so we could maintain the overall feel  and warmth of the brewery. After lunch at the brewery, we headed over to Hi Fi Studio and created the images representing “Hi Fidelity Craftsmanshipâ€.

EDWARD BEINER-EYES FORWARDEDWARD BEINER-EYES FORWARD EDWARD BEINER-EYES FORWARDI have to mention that Soren, the Creative Director on this and a good friend of mine, did an AWESOME job producing this shoot. He sourced all the locations, talent, etc… He also designed the new website and directed the overall production. Kudos Soren!

The selects and combinations you see in the post are our creation. Soren picked many of these, we added some of our favorites and created the layouts. As always, I rely on my retoucher/designer/all round I can do anything resource, Chris, that’s instrumental in all this.

EDWARD BEINER-EYES FORWARDThe BTS was shot by my pal and very gifted Digital Tech, Zach.
Chris and I did the edit.


Please give me a call if you’d like to chat about this or any other projects!