Does Ron Berg really eat 60 quarts of pickles every year??

© Ron Berg –

Ron Berg is still relatively new to our group so it was fun to learn some new things about him.  Who would have guessed #7?  Thanks Ron for sharing.

1) Has a sneaker addiction. Yes over 100.

2) Dart hustler

3) Dive foodie. Doesn’t have to be fancy for The Berg just bring on the grub.

4) Likes canned yard beers the best of all adult beverages.

5) Has inoculated a whole herd of cattle before.

6) Still has a fondness for all genres of 80′s music

7) Has a pickle addiction. “Puts up” 40-60 quarts every year to feed the addict.

8) Cover my ass mentality is starting to wear on me.

9) Thanks to Ronald McDonald, Burger King, and Icebergs. I have a bijillion nicknames thru-out my life. Seems like everyone has a different one for me.

10)Has Hoarder tendencies, but his wife won’t let it happen. In a middle of a purge again, as we speak.  Hence, I love auctions!

If you would like to get to know Ron’s photography better, please do check out his site.

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