Decision 2012 – Inside a Political Campaign Office

So that you can make the most informed decision this campaign season, I thought it only appropriate to show you a rare glimpse inside one candidate’s campaign office.

Shot back in June, the images were commissioned by Mental_Floss for their current issue to a illustrate a story about the crucial but not-often-talked about jobs that go into getting a politician elected to office.

The doodle above was a quick mockup made after reading the brief, but I tapped Kaleo Quenzer – a local set builder – to help develop the final direction of the set.

In addition to repeating the red, white and blue motif throughout our office, we wanted to find the perfect guy to be our mock candidate for campaign posters Kaleo was making.

Enter Jeff.

Literally every picture I’ve taken with/for Jeff shows him with his eyes closed.

In case you’re lost, Jeff’s a huge fan of Forrest Gump, and the fact that all the snapshots/portraits taken of Tom Hanks throughout the film show Forrest with his eyes closed.

Felt that if I could a) get Jeff in a suit and b) get a couple images with his eyes open, then he’d be our candidate.

If only James Carville or George Stephanopoulos had gotten wind of these, I’m sure they both would’ve come out of retirement to help with Jeff’s ticket.

I thought it fun to play with the candidate’s last name so as to hint at the sometimes sheer absurdity in some bids for office.

My “Mullarkey” name fit that perfectly, but it might’ve been a little too tongue-in-cheek. That said, we throttled it back and decided on “Moore,” but I easily feel like our guy is edgy enough to run against Will Ferrell or Zach Galifanakis.

The zany scene above was one of many frames captured completely in camera and ultimately the hero selected to be in print.

Couple outtakes/alternate selects of my cousin Mike Constantine doing what he does best: eating donuts and talking.

My sister-in-law, Maggie, was in town for the summer from her studies at NYU, so I asked her enact one of the roles.

Super dig how all these turned out! Many thanks to all involved: Winslow, Kaleo, Gretchen, Jeremy, Marc, Maggie, Mike Co., Kyle, Andrew and Jeff!

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