Congrats to my buddy @chandlerleekane for launching his new…

Congrats to my buddy @chandlerleekane for launching his new venture I look forward to many more years of riding together!
After 5 years of countless research, riding, and organizing trips to Hokkaido Japan, I’m launching @stealth_backcountry to bring like minded people together in search of the deepest, lightest snow of their lives. We will be based in Central Hokkaido as to avoid the crowds and with 5 different resorts to choose from, we are able to access the deepest snow Hokkaido has to offer. Our website is live and link is in bio. The outpouring support from friends and family has allowed me to have 3 of 6 weeks already booked out this year. Big thanks to @pascalshirley for the imagery over the years, to the @gentemstick family for your kind words and encouragement, to @namasuteyama @sharkboysharkboy @pepe_films_ for joining me in this adventure, to @chris_christenson73 who 5 years ago let me in on this secret, @ianvotteri for your social media expertise, along with all the friends who have believed in me and joined in previous trips. Arigato Gozaimasu #stealthbackcountry #hokkaido #japan #japow #japanuary #powderdojo #gentemstick #skiing #snowboarding (at Japan)

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