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Communication Arts Photography Annual 2016: Behind the Image

Communication Arts Photography Annual 2016: Behind the Image

By |June 27th, 2016|Categories: Syndicated Content|

I’m pretty darned humbled that my image of a hand-tied fly has been included in the 2016 Communication Arts Photography Annual. For me, shooting still life is meditative; I get no greater joy than being in the moment and focusing in on one thing. In this case, it was capturing the minute details of the flies and the artistry of fly tyers.  Below is my winning image, Pale Morning Dun. To give you a little bit of backstory: my father was an avid fisherman when I was growing up. He had a fly tying rig that always intrigued me. I remember being amazed that he could take a hook, some thread, and some feathers and come up with something that resembled a living fly. Fishing is one of his great passions like photography is for me. Fast forward 30 years and a client requested I source some hand-tied flies for a shoot. Naturally, my first phone call was to my dad. He sent me several of his along with others he helped source for the project.  The shoot was a success. After it wrapped, I put the flies away in my prop room which contains  years and years of other props, […]