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Campaign Spotlight: Glen Wexler for Nokia

Glen Wexler is a photographer and director best known for his elaborately staged digital photocompositions of improbable situations.

At 22 years old Wexler photographed his first album cover for Quincy Jones Production while a student at Art Center College of Design. He quickly gained a reputation for the imaginative photo illustrations he created for Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Rush, Black Sabbath, Yes, ZZ Top and many others.  Nowadays his clients include Epson, Acura, Sony, Jeep, Maxell, Adobe, Intel, Coca-Cola, Capital One, Toyota, Pepsi, Warner Brothers Pictures and hundreds of others.

Internationally recognized as one of the original artists to incorporate digital imaging technology into the creative process, Wexler is widely regarded as a leader in the field. Perhaps this is why Nokia saw him as the perfect fit for their Ozo ad campaign.

Ozo is the name of Nokia’s stereoscopic 360-degree 3D camera and the titular name of the hardware and software that can accompany the camera. Wexler’s long-time immersion in the digital imaging community made him the perfect person to show off this new technology. He did individual campaigns for OZO VR ProductionOZO Live Broadcast and OZO 360º Spatial Audio. You can see highlights from all three campaigns below.

To see more work from Glen Wexler, check out his Atedge portfolio or his website.

For more great campaign shots, visit the Campaign Spotlight section of the AtEdge website.

Face-To-Face NYC 2017 Matches Atedge Photographers with the Top Creative Decision Makers

We had an amazing Face-To-Face event this summer at the elegant 20th-floor penthouse at 230 FIFTH in New York. What happens when you bring an exclusive group of 28 agency producers & creatives together with 60 talented AtEdge photographers? Let’s just say there was a lot of excitement in that room.

And you know what? We’re ready to do it all again next month in San Francisco. The next Face-To-Face event is on November 13th at the historic City Club.

Twice a year at Face-to-Face, AtEdge photographers present their work in private, one-on-one meetings to hand-picked creatives that have the need and budgets to hire the highest caliber talent. It’s an opportunity for busy creatives to link up with groundbreaking photographers in a tranquil and casual environment, complete with sumptuous hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

We’re overwhelmed with the success of this year’s event and are thrilled to continue this series that has become so important to our industry. Face-to-Face events are held twice a year — each spring in New York, and in alternate cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and London in the fall.

Making new connections and revitalizing old relationships is what Face-to-Face is all about. Please contact Elizabeth Owen, President of AtEdge, if you are interested in attending a future Face-To-Face.

We want to express our gratitude to the following industry creatives that assisted in making this event a success:

Beverly Adler | Senior Art Producer | Freelance
Claudia Aires | Associate Producer | Tribal DDB
Deb Archambault | Sr Integrated Producer | McCann Worldgroup
Allison Baker | Group Creative Director | BBDO
Heather Black | Integrated Producer | Deutsch
Silmo Bonomi | Group Creative Director | VML NY
Erin Breen | Head of Art Production | BBDO
Lindsay Coomes | Associate Creative Director | Saatchi & Saatchi
Karen Ferrari | Senior Art Producer | FCB Health
Ranelle Fowler | Integrated Producer | Townhouse (production agency for Grey Advertising)
Carolyn Gargano | VP Assoc Creative Director | Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
Ashley Holmes | Art Content Producer | Ogilvy & Mather
Patrick Johnson | VP, Group Art Supervisor | H4B Chelsea
Jack Low | Creative Director | McGarry Bowen
Melissa Lucier | Art Buyer | J. Walter Thompson
Sarah Manna | VP, Dir of Art & Print Production | Deutsch
Rachel Max | Dir of Art Production | MRM/McCann
Akos Papp | Senior Art Director | FCB Global
Kris Pito | Director, Content Studio | R/GA
Teresa Rad | Director of Art Production | TBWA\Chiat\Day
Deb Rosen | Director of Art Production | Wieden + Kennedy
James Rothwell | Creative Director | Publicis
Paul Safsel | CD/Art Director | Grey
Amy Salzman | Senior Art Producer | Saatchi & Saatchi
Loren Shteyman | Art Producer | Nissan United for TBWA\Chiat\Day
Marc Sobier | SVP, Group CD | Arnold Worldwide
Maggie Sumner | VP, Head of Art Production | Saatchi & Saatchi
Alex Tasch | Senior Art Producer | Havas New York
Milisava Tertovich | Sr Art Producer | Anomaly

These busy creatives work with some of the world’s top brands, including MGM, Verizon, AT&T, DirecTV, Chantix, Johnson & Johnson, Reebok, Maxwell House, Spectrum, Advil, HBO, Exxon, Rubbermaid, Puma, Rolex, PNC Bank, Tyson, NBA, Google, Under Armour, Covergirl, American Express, eBay, Taco Bell, Samsung, Nike, Spotify, NBC,  and many, many more.

“AtEdge events are great for meeting creatives you couldn’t ordinarily meet.”

Paul Aresu, photographer


“To meet in person adds a greater understanding of their work and you both get a chance to see how the chemistry might fuel a project. I loved the energy of everyone, and it created a buzz of excitement. I got in the elevator ready to go on a shoot!”

Carolyn Gargano, VP Assoc Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Paul Safsel with photographer Nick Hall

Creative Paul Safsel with photographer Nick Hall

“Wonderful and talented group! I thought it was well coordinated and I especially loved the halfway point when there was the mingling. I got to talk to so many people during that time!”

Alex Tasch, Senior Art Producer, Havas New York

The Face-to-Face gathering in the penthouse at 230 FIFTH in New York

The Face-To-Face gathering in the penthouse at 230 FIFTH in New York

“Thanks for such a fun night. I met such lovely and talented photographers.”

Deb Archambault, Sr. Integrated Producer, McCann Worldgroup

Photographer Genevieve Caron with Creative Deb Archambault

Photographer Genevieve Caron with creative Deb Archambault

“Now, more than ever, creative collaboration is built on relationships and trust. With F2F, AtEdge does a beautiful job of bringing the community together to nurture connections.”

Glen Wexler, photographer

Rep Jenna Teeson (left), with creative Milisava Tertuvich (center) and photographer David Butler (right)

It wouldn't be Face-to-Face without Sushi!

It wouldn’t be Face-To-Face without Sushi!

“AtEdge really puts in a lot of time and energy to make sure the event is well-organized and run so you can meet the most people possible in a comfortable setting.”

Nicole Rabe, Pistol Studios

Jason Tuchman and Nicole Rabe of Pistol Studios (left) with Creative Heather Black

Jason Tuchman and Nicole Rabe of Pistol Studios (left) with creative Heather Black

“All the photographers I met with were fantastic! Their levels of work were at the highest standards and they all were relative to the work I’m doing at my agency.”

Heather Black, Integrated Producer, Deutsch

Photographer Adrian Myers and Creative Loren Shteyman

Photographer Adrian Myers and creative Loren Shteyman

“Saw a really nice range of work from all different types of photographers. Loved talking about making work with people who get to do it all the time.”

Marc Sobier, SVP, Group CD, Arnold Worldwide

Photographers James Porto (left) and Robert Adumo

Photographers James Porto (left) and Robert Adamo

“Great evening, I left feeling very happy and positive about all my meetings.”

Aaron Graubert, photographer

Creative Kris Pito and Abe Sands of Trident Post-Production

Creative Kris Pito and Abe Sands of Trident Post-Production

“Opened my eyes to some great talent both in photography and video. Really enjoyed it and I will no doubt be calling on some of them for help.”

Jack Low, Creative Director, McGarry Bowen

Creative Carolyn Gargano and photographer Natalia Weedy

“I love Face-To-Face events and I always leave feeling energized and inspired. Be prepared to come early and stay late, the wine flows, the food is fab and conversations don’t stop.”

Nick Hall, photographer

One of the best parts of Face-to-Face is the incredible food!

One of the best parts of Face-To-Face is the incredible food!

Artist Spotlight: Geneviève Caron

A skilled portraitist, Geneviève Caron believes in the trademarks of minimalism, lightness and restraint to create stylish and sophisticated photos. She’s highly adept at shooting in diverse locations, all while possessing excellent communications skills that put subjects at ease, encouraging better images.

Geneviève’s client list includes photo work for Coca-Cola, Colgate, TD Bank, BMO, Dove, Johnson & Johnson, Lincoln, Toyota, Bell Canada, Sony, Target, Bounce, Toronto Tourism, Workoplis, SunLife Insurance and Wal-Mart. She’s the winner of numerous North American photography awards, including first prize at the Canadian Lux contest in 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2013. Geneviève  has also claimed first prizes at the US APA National photo competition in the fine art category in 2009, the US PDN Pix Digital Contest in 2009 and the Faces PDN contest in 2015.

You can see more work from Geneviève on her AtEdge portfolio page or on her website.

#GivingPhotography for Hurricane Relief

Are you thinking about those affected by the hurricanes and wondering what you can do to help? Here is a creative idea from our friend, Heather Elder. Please read and consider getting involved.

We hope you are safe and dry, wherever you are.



The news coming out of Puerto Rico is awful and like so many other people, I want to help in a meaningful way. And since we are so much stronger together, I am suggesting an idea that our photo community can be part of, called #GivingPhotography, to offer photography prints in exchange for hurricane relief donations for communities in Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the Caribbean.

On Monday, October 2nd, I will share the idea on my blog and social media. And already, At Edge and Le Book (thank you!) have agreed to share this email with their own lists. I have also reached out to agents, photographers and other influential people in our community in advance in the hopes that we can coordinate our efforts and promote together.

Here is how the idea works:

1) Choose a print that you are willing to donate. Any size, any photo, any subject.

2) Post a photo of it on all social media accounts with information about the photograph and why it is special.

3) Clearly state how many prints of the image you are willing to donate; especially if there is only one available.

4) Make sure your post explains that receiving the print requires a donation to the hurricane relief of their choice. Once they make the donation, they need to post a screen grab of the receipt for the donation in the comments of the photographer’s post to prove that the donation was made.

5) And finally, include the hashtag: #GivingPhotography

Some helpful notes:

• Choose a minimum donation amount in exchange for the print. And, consider adding your own spin the on offer. Maybe an auction? Print goes to the highest bidder. The auction would happen in the comments, just put a deadline for when the auction closes.

• Be sure to share the time frame in which the print will be shipped.

If you like this idea, please share this email with photographers you know and people who represent them so that they can get started thinking about what they will want to donate. If we make it a priority to spread the word, maybe we can get some critical mass and reach a lot of people who would be willing to participate.

Thanks everyone for considering this idea.

Heather Elder

Specialty Spotlight: Humor

Life can feel bleak and depressing at times. We get angered by politics, saddened by the news, discouraged because of jobs or relationships. Sometimes it can feel like we’re all just drowning in a sea of dreary. But it isn’t all bad. Dogs tug on their leashes just because they want to say hi to us. People flock to natural disaster zones just to help those in need. Artists of all kinds create beautiful things everyday. And people tell jokes and smile.

Like life, photography is so often gritty and intense, but there’s another side as well, one that often gets overlooked.

Humorous photography is hard to do. It isn’t the same as telling a joke or writing a comic strip. A photographer only has a split second to make someone laugh or smile. There is no punchline, no build up. There’s just a picture, and it’s either humorous or it isn’t. Plus, like so many things in life, humor is subjective. One person’s funny is another’s eye roll. And we aren’t talking about memes and lucky timing here. Professional humorous photography is all about meticulous planning and forethought. It’s intentional and, when executed properly, it’s invaluable.

Below are just a few of the photographers and images in the AtEdge humor section.

Ethan Pines

Jacob Watts

Zack Seckler


Tim Tadder

Hunter Freeman

To see even more great humor photography, visit the Humor section of the AtEdge website.

Campaign Spotlight: Tyler Gourley for PlayStation

The subject was the video game Gran Turismo Sport. The photographer was Tyler Gourley. The results were pretty damn cool.

Gourley is renowned for his sports and automotive photography, so a promotional shoot for one of the world’s largest racing sports games was right in his wheelhouse.  Of course, Sony PlayStation is just the begining of Gourley’s campaign work. Toyota, AT&T, Converse, Sega, Visa, Microsoft and dozens of other big name companies fill out his client list.

To see more of Gourley, visit his portfolio page on the AtEdge website.

Tyler Gourley Tyler GourleyTyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley Tyler Gourley

For more images like these, head on over to the Campaign Spotlight section of the AtEdge website.

Campaign Spotlight: Andy Mahr for Alpha Romeo

Photographer Andy Mahr was once art director and creative director Andy Mahr. He graduated from Colorado State University in 1994 with a BFA in Graphic Design. After that, Mahr earned a degree in Advertising Art Direction, this time from The Portfolio Center. Finally, there was 13 years of working as an art and creative director that preceded his eventual transition to photographer.

When you look at his photography, the framing in particular, it’s obvious that Mahr’s time in directorial roles has helped him develop a uniquely apt eye for framing and setting up shots. His photos manage to combine grit with a sharp elegance that brings the subjects to life, as if you’re seeing them with your own eyes, not through the lens of someone else.

Mahr is rep’d by Lesley Zahara and has done shoots for some of the biggest names in industry. Reebok, Chick-fil-A and the U.S. Marine Corps are just a few of his clients. Recently, Mahr photographed the Alfa Romeo Giulia for Alfa Romeo. You can see all the photos from that shoot below and to see more of Mahr, visit his AtEdge Portfolio.

Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo Andy Mahr Alpha Romeo

All Images © Andy Mahr

Campaign Spotlight: Beth Perkins for Ommegang Brewery

Photographer Beth Perkins is a Texas transplant who’s been living in New York City for the last 25 years. From Nike to Volkswagen to Bank of America, she’s worked with all sorts of clients over the years. According to Perkins, she draws inspiration from her personal experiences as well as the community around her.

Her most recent project was a series of photo’s for New York’s Ommegang Brewery. The brewery itself was built in Cooperstown in 1997 on 136 acres of land, all of which used to be a hop farm, making it the first farmstead brewery built in the USA in over a hundred years. Perkins got the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Ommegang and photograph both the companies product and the day to day workings of the brewery. She was also lucky enough to sample some of the companies finest brews.

To see more of Perkins work, be sure to visit her AtEdge Portfolio page as well as her website.

Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery Beth Perkins Ommegang Brewery