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Markku Lahdesmaki Is Heating Up Vanity Fair

Finnish photographer Markku Lahdesmaki may have grown up in a place known for it’s cold weather, but now he’s bringing the heat to Vanity Fair. Lahdesmaki’s photos are front and center of a new piece in this August’s issue. “How Extreme Heat Could Leave Swaths Of The Planet Uninhabitable” focuses on extreme heat-waves in Death Valley and Kuwait and discusses how they could spell disaster for the future of our planet.

Lahdesmaki’s scorching images of the Death Valley landscape help to illustrate the kinds of extreme heat that can be hard to imagine for those who have never truly felt it.

Grab the August issue of Vanity fair to see the full article and more of Lahdesmaki’s work or check out the article online.

You can also see more of Markku Lahdesmaki’s photography and all his latest projects on his AtEdge profile page or on his website.

Jesse Rieser for Amtrak’s The National

Jesse Rieser has been working with Amtrak to produce editorial photography for their recently launched magazine, The National.

Here are some images that have resulted from this collaboration.

See more work from Jesse through his AtEdge portfolio and at

©Jesse Rieser

©Jesse Rieser

©Jesse Rieser

©Jesse Rieser

©Jesse Rieser


Jim Hughes for Royal Ribbons

Jim Hughes provided the imagery for a recent campaign from Royal Ribbons, showcasing their durable outdoor and travel clothing for men and women.

Jim is represented by Pinkstaff Photographers. Check out more work from Jim through his AtEdge portfolio and his website.

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

©Jim Hughes

Photographer on the Move: A Spotlight on Nick Hall

Known for his captivating panoramic landscapes & lifestyle imagery, Nick Hall has made a name for himself as an adventure photographer & cinematographer. His work for brands like The Nature Conservancy, Canon, Patagonia, and Thule has taken him all over the world to document impressive landscapes and the communities that live beside them.

Nick’s fascinating photography has earned him several features in Photographers Worldwide, PDN Photo Annual, and many other publications. His work has also garnered several awards.His work has also garnered several awards. He is a recent recipient of four silver awards in the 2017 Graphis Photography Annual.

Nick is represented by Greenhouse Reps. Browse through Nick’s collection through his AtEdge portfolio and his website.

©Nick Hall | Part of the Colorado River series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Mongolian Steppe series

©Nick Hall | Part of the France series

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall | Part of the Mongolia series

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall

©Nick Hall | Part of the Scotland series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Sealline Canoe series

©Nick Hall | Part of the Patagonia series





Microview 54 Just Released!

Featured Image: ©Chris Gordaneer

Microview is back with its 54th issue, now making its way to the desks of creatives all over the globe!

The edition’s chilling cover was produced by Chris Gordaneer. Chris’ portfolio is filled with energetic, atmospheric images that give off a feeling of intimacy. His work for brands like MasterCard, Honda, Bosch Appliances, has taken him all over the world and has earned him over 100 awards in the past 12 years.

Inside this new release, you’ll find over 300 pages of remarkable images from a group of unique commercial photographers invited into our exclusive program for their unconventional vision.

Browse through the full 300+ pages of Microview 54 now.

We hope you will reference AtEdge books & whenever you need to hire a truly distinctive photographer. Our publications are distributed 5 times a year. To be considered for distribution of our books, please click here.

Here are a few sample pages from Microview 54:

Mac Is Back + Better Than Ever

Our annual large-format collection of the world’s best commercial photographers has now made its way into the hands of creatives and art producers.

Macroview 17 features a hauntingly beautiful cover image by Montreal-based Damian Siqueiros, plus 155 more hand-picked photographers who are among the most talented advertising and editorial image makers.

Haven’t received your copy yet? Select creatives can request a complimentary copy of our publications.

You can also Browse the Book and view full portfolios from all the photographers on 

Be sure to reference AtEdge in print and online when considering talent for your next assignment.

Here are some sample pages from this Macroview 17:



AtEdge Director of Photography, Susan Baraz, Curates Photo Exhibition for Mayors Summit C40 on Climate Change in Mexico City

Work from several AtEdge photographers, including Matthew TurleyAndy Anderson & Simon Harsent, will be featured in the Addressing Climate Change exhibition which opens today at the sixth biennial C40 Mayors Summit in Mexico City. The Mayors Summit will serve as a forum to highlight how cities across the globe are continuing to take local action to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.

This exhibition was curated by our very own Susan Baraz (AtEdge Director of Photography & Co-Chair of the Lucie Awards), along with Lucie Chair Hossein Farmani.

The striking images of our planet in crisis are crucial to promoting awareness of a disaster that affects us all. Originally created for the historic COP21 climate negotiations in Paris, the exhibition proves that photography in the hands of great artists can transmit a visual message that can make an impact like no other medium. It was so well received in Paris that it was brought to Mexico City to be on display through January 11, 2017. Hundreds  of mayors, plus leading urban and sustainability experts from around the world, will view the exhibit during the three-day Mayors Summit (November 30 – December 2) as well as thousands of Mexico City dwellers and tourists alike. These photographs are on large billboards stretching the entire length of the walking path at the entrance of the park. It has already imparted it’s powerful, undeniable message as a call to action.

We applaud the wonderful photographers dedicated to this cause, as well as Susan and Hossein for putting it all together.

Please visit the Lucie Foundation’s website to view a gallery of the works on display.

Find out more information about the C40 Mayors Summit here.

©Matthew Turley

©Matthew Turley
Kolmanskop was a bustling diamond-mining town in the early 20th century until it was abandoned after WWI.

©Simon Harsent

©Simon Harsent, Melt 
This project begins with images of the massive icebergs as they enter Greenland’s Disco Bay from the Ilulissat Icefjord; it ends with the icebergs off the East Coast of Newfoundland, by which time they have travelled hundreds of miles, and have been so battered and broken down that they are little more than ghosts of what they once were.

©Andy Anderson

©Andy AndersonThe Kern County Oil Fields outside Bakersfield, CA
The most prolific oil producing fields in the United States, having been in continuous use since the discovery of oil there in the late nineteenth century. They produce a majority of the oil in California and 10% of the overall United States oil supply. Steam cogeneration from the oil fields also produces much of the electricity for both the Bakersfield and Los Angeles areas.

Exhibit on display in Chapultepec Park

Exhibit on display in Chapultepec Park

Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson

Matthew Turley

Matthew Turley

Simon Harsent

Simon Harsent

Simon Stock for Turnberry Golf Course

Simon Stock was commissioned by Turnberry Golf course in Scotland to shoot a groundbreaking 2 billion pixel image of their Ailsa course to help promote their newly reopened golf course.

The GigaPixel image was shot using NASA inspired equipment and allows the viewer to zoom in to see the extraordinary detail of the course including the iconic Turnberry Lighthouse & Turnberry’s PGA Golf Professional, Cameron Tortolano, lining up his putt.

Simon is represented by Greenhouse Reps. Take a look at more of his work through his AtEdge portfolio & at

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris Honors Markku Lahdesmaki’s Recent Projects

Markku Lahdesmaki was selected in the 2016 Px3 Awards for two of his recent personal series that were shot last year.

The first project, YuccaLand, features images of the beautiful Coachella Valley as it’s longstanding stories in art and song show a colorful community set against the serene backdrop of the Valley.

The second project featured a series of biker portraits that were shot in central Chile during a campaign for Mountain Dew.

Markku is represented by Brite Productions. Take a look at more of Markku’s work through his AtEdge portfolio and at

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

©Markku Lahdesmaki

23 AtEdge Photographers in Communication Arts Photo Annual 57

Featured image: ©Christopher Griffith

This year’s Communication Arts Photography Annual is filled to the brim with AtEdge photographers and we couldn’t be more excited to see them get the recognition they deserve!

Congratulations to the 23 photographers that were handpicked by the exclusive group of judges for the most prestigious competition for creativity in photography.

Check out our winning photographers.

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Multimedia

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Category: Multimedia | “Dove Chocolate”

©Harold Lee Miller

©Harold Lee Miller | Category: Advertising | “Portrait of Josef Newgarden for 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500”

©Patrick Molnar

©Patrick Molnar | Category: Advertising |”REDLine Aerospace LLC”

©Paul Elledge

©Paul Elledge | Category: Advertising | “Joe Clay, Rockabilly Royalty”

©Richard Schultz

©Richard Schultz | Category: Advertising | “Dunira Estate”

©Russell Rutherford Group

©Russell + Rutherford | Category: Advertising | “Nutri Mexico Farms”

©Tyler Stableford

©Tyler Stableford | Category: Advertising | “Canon USA, The Farmers Series”

©Christopher Griffith

©Christopher Griffith | Category: Editorial | “Foot Soldiers”

©Jonathan Kambouris

©Jonathan Kambouris | Category: Editorial | “Ask Men’s Health”

©The Voorhes

©The Voorhes | Category: Editorial | “Drugstore Tank for ‘The Billionaire Behind Walgreen’s Quest for Dominance'”

©Chris Gordaneer

©Chris Gordaneer | Category: For Sale | “Morning Kayak”

©Morgan Silk

©Morgan Silk | Category: For Sale | “Saturn V Dynamic Test Vehicle”

©Tyler Gourley

©Tyler Gourley | Category: For Sale | “Waves”

©Andy Anderson

©Andy Anderson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Reindeer in Rut”

©Christopher Wilson

©Christopher Wilson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Alberta”

©Paolo Marchesi

©Paolo Marchesi | Category: Self-Promotion | “Fish Jump”

©Simon Harsent

©Simon Harsent | Category: Self-Promotion | “Hermann Nitsch”

©Stewart Cohen

©Stewart Cohen | Category: Self-Promotion | “Baby Beards”

©Beth Galton

©Beth Galton | Category: Unpublished | “Food Bouquet”

©David Emmite

©David Emmite | Category: Unpublished | “Book Club: Gone with the Wind”

©Dwight Eschliman

©Dwight Eschliman | Category: Unpublished | “Lake Shasta”

©Marc Tule

©Marc Tule | Category: Unpublished | “Pale Morning Dun”

©Sue Tallon

©Sue Tallon | Category: Unpublished | “Roots”