Photographer Caterina Bernadi transports us yet again to another magical location in this shoot for Pasolivo Olive Oil.

The concept – to convey that feeling of entering a mysterious, magical place where one longs to go for the reason – the olive oil.

While shooting, Caterina got to meet the head of production at Pasolivo, a man named Catalino, who personally planted all of the olive oil groves over 30 years.

Caterina says,

“This assignment reflected one of the best qualities that makes photography so special to me, the opportunity to meet interesting and extraordinary people and the experience of discovering new things.”

Check out Caterina’s blog post about the shoot.


Dancing in the field at sunset © Caterina Bernardi



Pasolivo tasting room entrance © Caterina Bernardi



Beautiful stunt model Lauren Shaw on the swing in the oak tree © Caterina Bernardi



Twilight supper in the olive orchards © Caterina Bernardi



Glamping under the magical oak trees © Caterina Bernardi

Caterina Bernardi is represented by Tim Mitchell Artist Representative.