can you say "Oui oui Cannes!" ? ! ? !

zero2sixty stylist Jennifer Dunlea was part of the team winning the 2009 Boston 48 Hour Film Festival Best Picture prize. The film studio Glasseye Productions “Conversion” did make an appearance this week as part of Le Marche du Film in this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Not only did “Conversion” win the 48 Hour Best Picture Award, by the way, but it also won Best Director, Cinematography, Script and Ensemble Acting, the latter no doubt due to the thespian talents of cast members Kevin Banks, Associate Design Director here at the “Phoenix,” and former “Phoenix” staff writer Sara Faith Alterman. (writer’s credit to the Phoenix)

Attending at Cannes as part of the Glasseye Team is Bill McCarty, you can learn more and follow his Blog from Cannes.

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