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Cade Martin Photography – The cutting room floor. I wouldn’t…

Cade Martin Photography – The cutting room floor. I wouldn’t…

By |October 19th, 2017|Categories: Syndicated Content|

Cade Martin Photography - The cutting room floor. 

I wouldn’t grow and learn and push as a photographer without it. 

So much of the creative, collaborative work we do is represented by what doesn’t end up as the final image or images for any given shoot.  I love working with Warren Ellis and the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation – Maryland, and making this portrait of Honest Tea CEO, Seth Goldman, was a treat. Exploring his connection to Montgomery County, where Honest Tea is located, we ended up with a great image. This outtake looking up at me from that cutting room floor, reminds me of the joy of the process arriving there. The journey is vital to the destination.