Burgers on the Brain for Reader’s Digest

Back in November I was tapped by PD Rebecca Simpson Steele at Reader’s Digest to illustrate a story on foods that potentially cause Alzheimer’s.  The idea was to create the shape of a brain form one of the foods in the story sitting on top of a plate the shape of a women’s silhouette.  Now I’m a big fan of having props and models made for conceptual work, but in this case we had too quick of a turn around and a budget that just wouldn’t allow to make something of this complexity.  I’m a big believer on being involved through the entire process of creating an image whenever possible – photoshop is just an extension of the capturing process for me.  So to create the above plate we photographed a simple white plate and from there I liquified, shaped, and warped it into the desired form.  Below are raw captures of the plate and hamburgers as well as the plate in progress broken into the pieces shaped to create it.

See full post here: Dan Saelinger Visuals2013-01-29.