There are a lot of great advertising campaigns created each year and I always love getting a call or an e-mail from an agency to be apart of one. Recently I received just such an e-mail from the advertising agency, Beaconsfire RED in Virginia. I haven’t worked with Beaconsfire RED before, so having the opportunity to work with a new agency was exciting. The campaign was for the National Audubon Society to help them illustrate their campaign of how 1-in-3 birds are being lost.

Links below are for articles about the campaign informing of how billions of common birds have been lost and their numbers are declining.

NEW YORK TIMES – September 19, 2019

WASHINGTON POST – September 19, 2019

NPR – September 19, 2019

One of the best things about this campaign is how it supports my own desire to work on projects that have to do with protecting the environment. It’s exciting for me to use the skills as a digital artist to help promote awareness to issues, which campaign to make a difference. This desire to be apart of these type of campaigns I feel help to elevate the images I create to a higher level with more of a meaning than just an image. The image above shows a Western Meadow Lark disappearing and particles being pulled off the bird, floating upwards as a still image. This particular image was created to run in Science Magazine and in association with Cornell University.

One of the great aspects of the campaign was not only creating still images of birds disappearing but to also create cinemagraph / motion/ animated versions of each image, which could play in a loop as a social media marketing advertisment to bring attention to the message of #BringBirdsBack.

I’m not a bird photographer, so I unfortunately can not take credit for the amazing photographs of the birds in this campaign. The majority of the photos were provided by photographers from all over who submitted images to the annual photo contest put on by the National Audubon Society each year. Although I was not the photographer clicking the shutter, I feel a great deal of pride to have been the artist to help create and illustrate these birds to support a cause which will hopefully make a difference.

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