Bo Bridges Shoots “Chasing Mavericks” Star Gerard Butler

Bo Bridges has captured his fair share of celebrities – from David Beckham to Kobe Bryant to Lance Armstrong. But recently, he turned his lens towards Gerard Butler, who stars in “Chasing Mavericks”, a film about a surfing phenom. The assignment is right up Bridges’ alley, as he is an avid surfer himself.

Bridges, who was hired by Walden Media and 20th Century Fox, traveled up the coast of Northern California last December, to take shots for the film’s poster as well as other publicity material. More excitement followed, when he was invited to attend the film’s premiere in Los Angeles last week.

Bridges said of his experience working with the “300” star: “He came in and supposedly was only going to give us two hours of time and he ended up staying the entire day,” said Bridges of Butler, who had a near drowning experience while filming “Chasing Mavericks.” “Whatever we wanted he was like, ‘Let’s do it.’ He was down for it.”

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