Best of 2012 Cover and Section Openers – Seattle Weekly

Who doesn’t love beer?

Actually, this guy but seriously though, nearly everyone I know loves a good brew.

Of those that guzzle Miller High Life, I’m willing to bet that a great majority of them never noticed the girl in the moon when slamming one down.

I’m a fan of ‘the high life’ for more than a couple reasons, one of which includes the amazing TV spots that Errol Morris did for Miller back in the day.

They seeped into my unconscious much like a spilled beer seeps into a frat house couch, so if you’ve never seen them or need a refresher, check out a personal favorite below.

Which leads to this project and how a few days after getting back from NYC, it came with great joy to find that Seattle Weekly wanted me to shoot their annual ‘Best of’ issue reinterpreting the girl in the moon theme and the “Champagne of Beers” concept into a “Champagne of Years” one.

There’d be several locations over a few days, and I’d need to tap someone to make the set for the cover image above – both of which were no big deal.

The only thing at the front of my thoughts was finding an outfit that’d be a close match to the one the gal in Miller’s branding wears, so I started scouring the internet as we were on a tight turnaround schedule that wouldn’t allow for one to be made.

Above are four looks I found on various websites and blogs. Half would require a detective to learn the identities/location of those pictured, and the other two would require me signing up to be a member of a niche crafting website, then praying/hoping/waiting to hear back.

I passed my findings along to the mag, and my editor got in touch a few hours later to let me know that one of the looks – the one on the top left – resided right here in WA state, Yakima to be exact!

My ‘muse’ on this project was the ever-fun and bubbly Rachel Belle of 97.3 KIRO FM’s “Ron and Don show” and “Ring my Belle.” She took the best radio personality spot this year.

For lack a better word, Rachel’s got pizzazz!!

If you’ve got five minutes to kill, you can get a sense of her humor by watching her go head to head with a few workmates, including Luke Burbank, in a cheeseburger eating competition below.

Had a really good time shooting at the various locations around the city, one of which was the legendary Fantagraphics bookstore seen below.

It was quite a chore hauling stars all over the city, but well worth it as we got quite a few looks from passersby like the gent below when shooting at Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.

All in all, a super fun project that I’m excited to share. Big thanks to all the establishments, Jane, Gretchen, Kaleo, Robertsen and Alisa Lahti (for the boots).

More blog posts with new work and the like on the horizon. Keep posted!

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