Over the last few years I was blessed to be able to document numerous fishing expeditions for Costa Sunglasses. We photographed in the Bahamas, all over the Yucatan Peninsula, the Baja, Guatemala, Belize and Guyana (I think that’s it, although I could be forgetting one or two places). I have many fond memories from all our crazy adventures, mostly involving the wonderful people I met along the way, particularly Tim Cole and Austin McKenna from McGarrah Jesse in Austin, Al Perkinson from Costa, and Oliver White, our fly-fisherman extraordinaire from, well, everywhere. Oliver may live in North Carolina, but he’s really a gypsy with a fly rod, forever traveling the world in search of his holy grail of fish. 

However, of all the magical places I was fortunate enough to travel to, I think photographing Belize’s Great Barrier Reef was the most awe-inspiring, in the truest sense of the word. I’ll never forget it as long as I live. The clarity of the water. All the colors of the sand and water. Looking out of the helicopter that day and down on the planet, I felt certain that God must be an impressionistic painter with the whole world as his (or her) canvas. In the tiny boat, Oliver is fishing off the bow while Beth, his partner, and Al sit in the back.

Featured in the upcoming GRAPHIS PHOTOGRAPHY, 2018