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Sandra Tripp for Huntsman Architectural Group

Interview With Sandra Tripp – Huntsman Architectural Group Huntsman Architectural Group has been a great client to work with.  We are very excited to share a recently completed video interview with Huntsman’s new Principal Sandra Tripp.  We sat down with Sandra to discuss her passion for design and her vision for the new Aquent headquarters in Boston, MA. Prior to the interview we had the opportunity to photograph the interior at Aquent.  The space is extremely functional and beautifully laid out.

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Product Retouching – Furniture

Product Retouching – Furniture – BTS Timelapse Product retouching is all about fine tuning the subject to ensure it looks as good as possible.  A majority of the post production work on this shot is aimed at cleaning up the area so there are no distractions whatsoever.  The beauty of a simple background like this is it really lets the product command center stage.  We knocked down the glare on the right chair and enhanced the highlights and shadows on both chairs to further define the shape.  Beyond that it was cleaning up the floor and dodging and burning the areas that were recessed.  Then there was the white wall.  At first glance its quite hard to see any problems.  By pulling down a curves layer you can quickly see the areas that need attention, mainly the top of the frame where the shadows were inconsistent.  There wasn’t to much heavy lifting in post but rather a refinement and cleanup of what was already there.   (before)(after) Client: Thos. Moser

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Homeless in Vacationland

Homeless in Vacationland – Trailer We are are very excited to share the trailer for ‪Homeless in Vacationland, a documentary film exploring homelessness in Maine. The aim of the film is to bring awareness to the problem of homelessness, it’s causes and shed some light on the potential means by which we can help those affected. We will be wrapping up shooting footage and interviews this summer and working on post production / editing this winter. If you would like to help in any way, or if you have a story or experience to share, or if you are in a position of government power or community leadership and would like to help, please contact us as soon as possible. We would also love to have a respectful sit down interview with Governor Paul LePage to add his voice regarding his personal experience with homelessness and his view on how to best move forward in helping reduce the number of people effected by homelessness in Maine. These are a few takes from walking around a homeless encampment.

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Trafford – CD Photo Shoot

Trafford – CD Photo Shoot We love shooting portraits, so when Chris Trafford asked us if we wanted to shoot the imagery for his new album we were totally on board.   We’ve worked with Chris in the past on a few aerial projects but this was the first time he was in front of the camera.  This guys is chalk full of ideas and concepts and had a pretty clear vision for exactly the type of cover he wanted to create.   The concept for the cover was based around the lyrics of the song (and album title) “Rebel For Hire” which can be heard here.  Pick up a copy at Bull Moose or on iTunes, its good stuff!! Bonus Item:  This good looking Biddeford resident wondered over to the photo shoot, how can you not take his picture?

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311 Summer Street

311 Summer Street – Boston, MA Walking around Boston there are many brick buildings throughout the city, its part of what makes the city so great.  311 Summer Street is the perfect example of an iconic building located in one of Boston’s historic neighborhoods.  We recently had the opportunity to work with the team at Boston Realty Advisors to photograph interiors and exteriors that showcased the property.   Along with the images we also put together a video that explores the ins and outs of the building.  The addition of time-lapse footage shows just how full of life the building, streets and sidewalks are on a busy day.  We are stoked with how this project turned out.  It is a perfect example of marrying motion and stills together to create a cohesive and seamless result. You can see the finished project at

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Filming Above London

Filming Above London Very excited to share a small sample of our trip filming above London.  Most of our time was spent filming interviews from various locations around the city.  Along with workplace interviews we also captured video from a nearby rooftop overlooking an active construction site.  Hard hats required!!  Its interesting to see heavy duty construction equipment that typical moves very slow come to life when captured as a time lapse.  There is a beauty in watching this machinery move in such fluid way, its almost like a choreographed dance routine. We should have more timelapse to follow once we return back to the studio.  Stay tuned!

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New Work for Thomas Moser

New Work for Thomas Moser We recently finished another photo shoot for Thomas Moser that included some of their newest products.  We traveled down to their DC showroom and spent the day moving around and staging furniture.  The beauty of photographing in their showroom is the abundance of natural light that pours in through a series of large windows.  All we needed to do was frame up the composition and sprinkle in a little bit of fill light.   Post production involved a lot of cleanup (especially the floor), color/contrast and sharpening.  Its easy to make these images look great when you’re working with such a beautiful product. (Email newsletter with the two chair setup we photographed).  

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Trent Bell Speaks at TEDx

The REFLECT Project | Trent Bell Speaks at TEDx Late last year we were invited to speak at the Amosokeag Millyard TEDx event in Manchester, NH.  The topic was the REFLECT project, an idea we conceived to share stories and experiences through the combination of visual and written form.  The idea of speaking at TEDx was new and really exciting for us (and a bit nerve-racking) because it gave us the chance to further the conversation about an idea we are so passionate about.  Although this is just one project within the larger scope, we continue to explore the relationship between subject and artist.  Stay tuned! You can watch the video at: TEDx Talks If you are not familiar with the REFLECT project we have a series of blog posts that have all the coverage from the first iteration at the Maine State Prison.    

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