Scott Bell

Reebok trainers

Reebok reached out to me to photograph some of their trainers for the Chicago leg of the Reebok/Les Mills “One Live” World Tour. The event gathers trainers and workout enthusiasts from all over the globe to participate in high energy group workout sessions.
Reebok trainers
Really fun group to work with!

Reebok trainers

3 Yodels from Yodelist

 We all struggle with marketing and I just came off of a bad year of results from a company that was supposed to be a leader in the industry. I found that the majority of what they did was extremely cookie-cutter and “spamy” and the poor results backed that up.

I turned to Yodelist and Heather Lefort of iheartmarketing to get things turned around. The very first emailer and direct mail campaign yielded far better results than all of last years! The list is life! A bad list will kill you and a good one will make you fly.

bell_boxing_logo.jpg crossfit1.jpg bell_boxing2.jpg

Because of the great results Yodelist selected my recent crossfit emailer to profile in their “3 Yodels” series. You can read about my experience here.

Fun On Ice

The Oakton Ice Arena asked me to create dramatic images of their athletes “doing their thing” for display banners outside of the arena. Oakton offers training for all skill levels and has been home to some top level athletes in their field. We worked with talented figure skater Makala Arn and speed skater Jeffrey Swider_Peltz Jr. who is currently representing the US in the World Cup in Long Track.


Whitney Hsieh helping out on the ice