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REYNOLDS: The New York Times Lens Blog

The New York Times Lens Blog is running a selection of imagery with captions of Tamara Reynolds’ Southern Route series today. Tanner Curtis, Photo Editor of The New York Times, and Reynolds’ met this past September while Reynolds’ was visiting the Big Apple. Curtis was intrigued by the work so much that he pitched the […]


Symbion, the nation’s leading operator of short stay surgical facilities, hired Tamara Reynolds to shoot a library of healthcare images for their individual facilities’ websites. Tamara spent several days shooting in their surgery centers showing doctors, staff and patients from check-in to surgery.   AD: Kate Parrish

LOWDEN: Babies and Children’s Healthcare

Scott Lowden had the pleasure of documenting a story on little Caroline for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  After some challenging weeks in the NICU, she’s home and thriving with her family.  If you’d like to read her story, or find out more about Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta go here.             […]

Lowden: Rainy days and Mondays…..

Scott Lowden’s doesn’t let a little rain ruin his day. How’s that old Carpenter’s song go? “Rainy days and Mondays get me down…” But not Scott Lowden whose forte is shooting on location with all kinds of people. Usually he has nice light and some sun shining behind the subject….until it seems recently. For his […]