Doing My Part to Raise Awareness for the Salton Sea

Just about a week ago, I pulled an all-nighter prepping and printing two images for the Salton Sea Walk Finish Line Event. Long story short, Randy Brown just finished an epic 100+ mile walk around the sea and on Sunday the community gathered to celebrate his accomplishment and raise awareness for a good cause. The reception was hosted by EcoMedia Compass, a non-profit organization that has been focusing on the Salton Sea and the fact that the water level is lowering and the water is becoming increasingly saltier. As this continues, the fish could stop producing thus eliminating a food source for the birds that use the Salton Sea as a stop during their migration. The loss of California wetlands due to urban sprawl has left the birds no choice but to use the Salton Sea – and once it dies the bird species will be dramatically affected. I have a home at the Salton Sea and I dearly love the sea and the surrounding deserts so, needless to say, I felt compelled to do my part to help. At this event I provided two pieces of framed art to hang and display for sale, and I will be donating a portion of those proceeds to Ecomedia Compass. It’s my goal to produce about 20 […]

Mixing up Techniques: New Work for Shure

Over the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some classic microphones. This time, the creative team at MiresBall came to me with two great concepts for Shure’s packaging, which I was more than happy to work on. I ended up taking two different approaches in regard to shooting techniques and I really think this helped give the campaign a well-rounded and professional, yet relatable, appeal. Here’s what I did: For the bright and colorful images, I used a technique called ‘focus stacking’ to show perfect focus throughout the microphones and background. My goal was to create a sharp, vibrant and illustrative visual showing the microphones at 100% of their size. The small black and white images were shot more traditionally with a natural depth of field as to create that ‘real’ feeling while suggesting possible uses for the product. Shooting in both of these ways reminds me that I still equally love traditional photography. It’s really just about choosing the proper technique and style for the particular project.