Marc Tule

Bottle Caps

When viewing these bottle cap images, you can’t beat the nostalgia they evoke. These soft drink brands have been around for over half a century with Pepsi & Coke being around for over 100 years. Have a Coke and a Smile, Do the Dew, Obey your Thirst and enjoy the Un-Cola. Coca Cola – 1892 Pepsi – 1898 Mt. Dew – 1940 Sprite -1961 Grape Fanta – 1940 Orange Crush – 1916 7-up – 1929 Squirt – 1938


I have no problem with nepostism especially when it comes to my dad helping out with this project while he was in town. The idea has been lingering in my head ever since the studio was renovated in 2012. Repetition is something I see everyday and in this case it was the repetition of left over construction supplies that captured my attention. My orginal concept was to create a series of high contrast b+w images but as I was shooting I decided to change gears and add some color to help communicate my vision. The color added character and enhanced the visible dimension of the stragtegically placed, haphazard repetitions. Thanks dad for all the help!

Communication Arts Photography Annual 2016: Behind the Image

I’m pretty darned humbled that my image of a hand-tied fly has been included in the 2016 Communication Arts Photography Annual. For me, shooting still life is meditative; I get no greater joy than being in the moment and focusing in on one thing. In this case, it was capturing the minute details of the flies and the artistry of fly tyers.  Below is my winning image, Pale Morning Dun. To give you a little bit of backstory: my father was an avid fisherman when I was growing up. He had a fly tying rig that always intrigued me. I remember being amazed that he could take a hook, some thread, and some feathers and come up with something that resembled a living fly. Fishing is one of his great passions like photography is for me. Fast forward 30 years and a client requested I source some hand-tied flies for a shoot. Naturally, my first phone call was to my dad. He sent me several of his along with others he helped source for the project.  The shoot was a success. After it wrapped, I put the flies away in my prop room which contains  years and years of other props, […]

Happy Holidays

Roses are red, This snowflake is too, Many best wishes, From me to you! Happy Holidays to my clients, crew, vendors, friends and family! I really don’t celebrate the holiday season in the traditional sense. I do take some down time and reflect upon all of the years lessons, easy or hard, and all of the people that have lined my pathway. I’m thankful for each and every opportunity I’m given to love and grow and hope, in some way, my day to day activities and actions enrich your world. 2016 – Bring It On!!!

I’ve gone to the Dark Side

I’m not always sure of my inspiration for projects, but for this  shoot, I knew I wanted to be a part of something big and culturally relevant;  I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself.  I wanted to create images of the beloved characters in the Star Wars movie series but in a way that was unique, giving the viewer a different perspective.  While in retouching, Jamie (my digital genius and Star Wars fanatic), likened these images to Hans Solo being frozen in Carbonite.   While not frozen in Carbonite, these collectables are encapsulated and sealed beneath a sheet of latex. As I’ve shared these images over the past few weeks with colleagues and friends the reactions have all been the same; people are blown away and they’re excited.  Most importantly, these images make them happy. In the end, what I did was bring a smile to people’s faces. I guess that’s really why I shoot things – to tell stories that don’t make you think too much, they just make you feel.