Marc Tule

Color Trending

Every September I follow Fashion Week to see what colors are trending.   This year brings us a softer palette with hues intended to quiet the spirit.   Check out Pantone’s Fashion Color Report Spring 2015 for a detailed explanation.    

BJ Baldwin

Last Thanksgiving I passed on the traditional stay at home dinner and opted for a fun filled week exploring the sand dunes of Glamis, CA.  The mix of the mad max mayhem juxtaposed against the beautiful vast dunes provided for an experience of a lifetime (which I can’t wait to repeat).   Here’s an image I shot with my Sony 7R.   I was less than ten feet from BJ Baldwin’s truck when I captured this image. (I’m amazed at how fearless I am behind the camera).   I was so close I could feel the vibration in the ground as the paddle tires tore up the sand!  The power of BJ’s Trophy Truck is awe inspiring!  But what is really impresses me is his prowess behind the wheel that is proven by his multiple first place finishes.  Thanks for the photo op BJ!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sorry, no chocolates this year, just a few of my favorite images from my ‘Flowers in Oil’ series I had been encouraged to shoot black roses by a colleague for quite some time.   When I finally got around to it, I wasn’t liking the quality of flowers or my concept.  Frustrated, I went in a completely different direction, drenching all the flowers in the used engine oil from a diesel truck. One would think that the delicate petals would succumb to the oil, but in fact, the results were stunning.  Details and depth were accentuated.  Glassy highlights were the result of the viscous oil ‘hanging’ onto the petals.  By the end of week long project, I had my fill of oil….which was everywhere!