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Sauteed Morel Mushrooms

It’s Spring, the season of earthy deliciousness.  To Chicago chef Iliana Regan, Chef/Owner of Elizabeth Restaurant and expert forager, April brings visions of Morel mushrooms.  “As soon as there’s any kiind of sign of warmer weather, I start dreaming of them,” says Regan.  

Morels are a perfect companion to ramps, spring peas and pea shoots.  After cleaning the morels, sautee in a litle brown butter, then add a dash of salt and pepper and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  Add blanched fresh peas and pea shoots.

Sticky Toffee Sugar Plum Pudding and Sugar Plum Gelato

Chef Elizabeth Faulkner has competed on Iron Chef America, been a judge on Top Chef and Top Chefs Masters and has had many other TV appearances. Already a lover of fuyu and hachiya persimmons, Elizabeth created Sugar Plum Pudding and Sugar Plum Gelato with Burton’s Sugar Plum Pureé.

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Red Kuri Squash Soup with Brussels Sprouts and Apples

Executive Chef Michael Anthony is the driving force behind the iconic Gramercy Tavern, and with the release of The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook, his simple yet striking dishes are now even more accessible. In this one, a garnish of diced apples lends a perfectly crisp finish to a vibrant seasonal soup.


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Apple-Fennel Guacamole

Wholly guacamole! That’s all we could say about this adventurous twist on a dip that subs apple for tomato, fennel for onion, and thyme for cilantro.  Grab a bag of chips and prepare to have your mind blown-from Chef Rick Bayless, we’d expect no less.

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Fine Apple Tart

You know that any recipe from four-star Le Bernardin Chef Eric Ripert is going to be a good one, but if it brings together butter, sugar, apples and puff pastry-all the better. This elegant apple tart is made even more special with the addition of a small amount of apple brandy, called Calvados, in the glaze.

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Who’s Hungry? Issue No. 9 Is Here!

Once the leaves start falling and the weather gets cold, I start gearing up for the holidays.––all of the festive food, the comfort of family and all the unexpected surprises that come with the season.

As a kid, holiday surprises came wrapped as gifts, but now I see them as sharing fun and funny moments. That’s why I am particularly excited by humorist David Sedaris’s tale, The Cow and the Turkey. It’s a quirky tale that challenges the Thanksgiving turkey. Plus, we took a creative leap and illustrated his story with photographs and recipes of holiday leftovers from some great chefs.

It has also been fun to give “sugar plums” a whole new meaning. Sugar plums will still dance in children’s heads, but Tim Burton’s Sugar Plum persimmon purée is delicious and healthier than any candy we can think of. In “Sugar Plum Dreams,” four famous pastry chefs share exclusive sugar plum holiday desserts.

Speaking of famous chefs, we are refocusing on the fantastic ideas that they bring to our magazine readers. We invited chefs Eric Ripert, Michael Anthony, Rick Bayless and the Beekman Boys to share with us their best-loved apple recipes. In “Apples” you’ll relish classic Caramel Apples, a Fine Apple Tart, an Apple guacamole and more.

You’ve heard of glamping…We had some genuine fall fun by adding a dash of glamour to tailgating in Glamgating––our latest twist on Stone Soup. With a gleaming Airstream RV trailer, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, a roasted pig infused with aged maple syrup and a guest list including eight of Chicago’s finest chefs, no one even thought of asking, Who’s Hungry?

Happiest of holidays from the Who’s Hungry? crew. See you in 2014!

Steve, Deirdre, Ian, Judith, Kathryn and CeCe

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Who’s Hungry? Issue No. 8 Is Here!

I have the best job on earth. And it just keeps getting more interesting and exciting every year. Pushing the boundaries of food photography is a thrilling challenge. And that is what’s important about this issue-capturing food related “experiences” to bring an increaded dimension to our stories.

Food doesnt spend it’s life sitting on a plate.  At some point it was growing, blooming, mooing, clucking, snorting, buzzing or whatever comes naturally. That’s a fascinating connection I continually appreciate.

Which is what brought me to Joe Ricketts’ Double T Bison Ranch in Wyoming. In “Bison is Back” we visit this great American animal and explore why bison is finding its rightful place-once again-on our tables.

We’ve wanted to do a story on honeybees for a while, but had to wait for the right season. In “Sweet Shades of Gold” I get up close and personal to thousands of honeybees at Heritage Prairie Farm in Illinois.  And top pastry chefs share creative dessert recipes from Honey Ganache to Honey Nougatine.

At St. Isidore’s Mead Dairy Farm in Wisconsin we get a first person glimpse of the routine of a sustainable dairy farm in “A Day in the Life”. The dairy herd was sweet, gentle and very cooperative considering that dawn was just breaking over the pastures.  I couldnt wait to taste Hannah, Jenny and Mae’s fresh milk in my coffee at breakfast.  Who’s Hungry?™



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