David Westphal

David Westphal: Fort Worth Stockyards / F150 Reveal Photography

Ford set out to re-brand the newly redesigned F150 truck as the “Future of Tough”. Team Detroit and Westphal Photography collaborated to create images utilizing Spaceport America in New Mexico and Meteor Crater in Arizona, among other locations, to define this new brand. At the same time, Ford wanted to acknowledge its most loyal customers with a tip of the hat to the Texas market. After extensive creative exploration, it was decided that the Stockyards of Ft. Worth embodied the essence of Texas.

David Westphal, of Westphal Photography, shot multiple plates to capture all of the various elements, steer, talent and architecture for the final image. With twilight as the hero time of day, a lighting design was critical to artfully capture the elements with just the right blend of ambient and supplemental lighting. Lighting two blocks of the Stockyards required a large lighting package. After setting the angle a crew of 20, spent 5 hours pre-lighting the scene. Two 18Ks on 40’ lifts and six 4Ks served as the key and fill. With additional pars and kenos for practical light sources and small accents. Once completed, David shot base plates and talent, to create the initial rough composite. After some fine-tuning, all of the plates were shot at twilight with and without talent but also with a pass of 15 long horn steer. Once on set, the steer were marched back and forth several times to get them in just the right position. At the right moment, one of the steer looked to where the truck would be positioned in post. It was the icing on the cake.

David Westphal worked with Blue Sky CGI in the post productions process to create the final image:

David Westphal F150 ft worth

©David Westphal, Westphal Photography

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Ft. Worth Stockyards

Last year, I had the opportunity to shoot at the Ft. Worth Stockyards in the execution of the final image for the new Ford F-150 reveal.  It was a huge production lighting over a block of the historical section of the city plus drive a heard of steer through those streets and get them to stop in just the right spot so that I could take a picture.  After a lot of work, this is the final result of the efforts of many people involved in this project.

Ft. Worth Stockyards

Vintage Tesla

This image is from a recent test shoot.  I shot in an amazing 1930s Mercedes dealership located in Pasadena.  It is said to be the first dealership in Pasadena and has an amazing Art Deco feel to the architecture.  I actual shot in the service center located in the back of the dealership.  Even there, the location is amazing with incredible south facing windows.  The light was amazing all day long.

Vintage Tesla

Porsche Cayenne

Davide Russo and Richard Levine of Recom Farmhouse has transformed one of my backplates into an amazing Porsche Cayenne image.  Shot on location in Colorado, I wanted a low aggressive look with the vehicle passing the camera.  The light and color grade of the image gives it a fresh look.  Porsche Cayenne