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Think Thin…

We recently shot a new campaign for Think Thin in which they introduce Grace and Mia. Two BFF’s that always have each other’s back. Think Thin has a wide array of heathy products and Grace and Mia had to try them all, so consequently we were in the studio for a long day to ensure we captured every bite. It was, as you can imagine, filled with a lot of shenanigans and hysterics. So now that the campaign has launched we are happy to share the fun with you. But you’ll have to run out and buy your own if you want the full sensory experience!

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2017 International Color Awards…

Our image, “Let Your Voice Be Heard“, won an Honorable Mention in this years International Color Awards in the Professional Advertising category. We also had some of our images nominated in the Food, Portrait, and Architecture categories. This is always such a fun show to be a part of, due to its broad reach (entries from 75 countries)  and notable jurists, not to mention all the great imagery to peruse…

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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Cup Noodles…

Okay, so you HAVE to know that casting and shooting this project for Cup Noodles was, well,… humorous to say the least! We had to cast three talent, and by the end of the day, the double entendre’s were flying. You see, we had to be sure that each talent was capable of well… slurping noodles! So at the end of a full day of seeing a couple hundred people and repeatedly telling them to “suckâ€, and then “suck harder!â€â€¦. we’ll I think you can let your imagination run with that, and probably still not approach the 4:30pm punchy hilarity of it all…

The shoot itself? Just more of the same… laughs, winks, and a fun finished product. Everyone played along and had a great time. So check out these new ads for a classic product!

Check out the animated banners too!




and Here!

Creative once again by the talented folks at High Wide & Handsome.

Now go get some Cup Noodles!!!

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Carlos Mendez Roca…

One of the things I love most about what I do is the variety. One day we could be photographing quirky humorous images in North Carolina for Lowe’s, the next could be nitro cold brewed coffee for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles. Recently we were commissioned to create imagery for an exclusive boutique architectural and interior design firm in San Francisco. Part of the project was shooting portraits of the creatives that make up the firm. Rather than shooting the traditional “head shots†that adorn so may web sites and corporate brochures, we wanted to do something that was more iconic and spoke to the personality of the firm. We shot the images with the intent of using them in a black & white form, mimicking the graphic tone taken by the designers. However, after returning to the studio in Los Angeles and starting to play with the imagery from the shoot, I kept going back to the same frame of one of the principal’s, and I kept reverting it back to color. I worked a few different interpretations of the file, but after several hours of experimenting I found myself returning to the same visual direction… and what I was drawn to was an image that I felt had a classic, almost retro 1920’s/1930’s feel. It was and still is my favorite image from the session…

Carlos Mendez Roca – © 2016 Dana Hursey Photography

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New Work with Dean’s Dip…

We recently finished another campaign with one of our favorite agencies and favorite clients, High Wide & Handsome & Dean’s Dip (respectively). We always have a blast on these projects! Casting is always hysterical, and then it only becomes more fun as we get on set. You can check out some behind the scenes footage here. Thanks to everyone who contributes to make these productions sing!:

Arpen Productions
Eastside Studios – Casting
Jacob Rushing
Dillon Padgette
Zac Hardy Capture
Chris Monberg – BTS
Stephanie Greenleigh – Food Styling
Stacy Quackenbush – Wardrobe & Props
Stephanie Daniel – Hair & Makeup
and the rest of our amazing crew…

Below are a few samples of the finished work.

New Work with Dean’s Dip… New Work with Dean’s Dip…


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International Photography Awards 2016 (IPA’s)…

We are thrilled to announce (as we were just informed) that two of our images were awarded Honorable Mentions in this years International Photography Awards (IPA’s)!

With over 17,000 entries from 162 countries it is always an honor to be included in such a distinguished community of talented visual artists.

I love what I do, and genuinely love the amazing people I get to do it with. Every shot is always a team effort and I have been amazingly fortunate to be able to work with a generous and brilliant team.

Check out all the amazing imagery that is honored this year: IPA’s

Pondering Pink – Honorable Mention 2016 IPA’s – Advertising: Self Promotion

International Photography Awards 2016 (IPA’s)…

Bubbling Pineapple Punch – Honorable Mention 2016 IPA’s – Advertising: Food

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Benji is Back!!!

Remember back in the mid to late 70’s when wallabies, chocolate-brown corduroys and a yellow and orange stripped t-shirt were very likely to be your wardrobe? Well during that time there was a string of feel good movies that were all the rage staring and adorable pooch whose character name was… Benji…

Benji was a rescued mutt that went on to become world-famous through a string of films and TV specials.

Flash forward 40 years and Benji is Back! A few months ago we shared that we were on a super secret project and now we are finally able to say that Benji was that project. We were selected to shoot the very first pics of the New Benji and here he is…

Benji is Back!!!

He is back with upcoming projects so check him out at Benji.com to keep up with all that he is doing.

You can also connect with Benji on his Facebook Page, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

We’re hoping to work a lot more with this adorable dog and his team as the day was fun, entertaining and surprisingly laid back for as hard as he worked (with plenty of doggie breaks)!

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Creating Imagery for Lowe’s Movers Campaign…

So we recently started shooting imagery for Lowe’s Home Improvement. They have created a fun and humorous campaign revolving around helping people with the process of moving. Whether buying, selling, or renting, there is always a laundry list of things to take care of when you move from one abode to the next. Lowe’s Mover’s Program is meant to support everyone through that process, and we were more than thrilled to be selected to create imagery to humorously introduce people to the program. Here is one of the first images from the new campaign…

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