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On Location for New Balance Women

We were out at it again with New Balance for Women recently, shooting the next editions of the recently launched catalog aimed directly at active women on the go! LAP and team traveled to Austin, TX and the far end of Long Island, Montauk, NY for a 6 days of shooting on location, and Chris met up with the New Balance team to shoot in San Francisco at Sandbox Studio to shoot on body shots to finish off the production.

We worked with another great team put together by  New Balance Producer Kit Williams, and Liz Long of Aspen Prodcutions. Creative direction from Norma Delaney and Beth Neesen was as strong as ever, with additional help from new to the team, art director Ashley Bedell. Many thanks to all the talents and support as well, models, stylists, assistants, PA’s and more, all rocked it throughout all locations, making the job fun and rewarding!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the current catalog, available in New Balance stores around the country, or possibly in your own mailbox!

New work with New Balance Women

Earlier this year we told you that Lori and team were now working with New Balance on an exciting new project, and we can now share a bit more about that! New Balance recently released the first, in what we hope is many, catalogs based directly to women for both their shoe and apparel line. The images shot by LAP and team look great throughout the book, being used big and strong, just the way we love to see!

Double full page bleeds jump off the page with the power you would expect from an athletic line such as this!

New work with New Balance Women

Our long time friend and the lead creative designer working with New Balance, Beth Neesen, has down a fantastic job with her team, laying out the images and designing a book that looks and feels fresh, giving strength to the women both wearing the clothes, and those who would pick up a copy of the catalog.

New work with New Balance Women


We couldn’t be happier with the way the imagery came out and how it’s being used, both in print and online at New Balance’s women page.

New work with New Balance Women


With news that sales have seen a dramatic rise in apparel since the launch of the catalog in mid Septmeber, all of us on team LAP couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve done with a great team at New Balance.



Update from “Down The Fence” filming

Lori and part of the team recently made another visit to Reno, NV and the largest competition of the year, The 2015 Snaffle Bit Futurity, to catch up with the subjects of theâ€Down the Fence†documentary and to finish filming and continue fundraising.

It was a great week being surrounded by true cowboys and cowgirls  and magnificent animals. Seriously, some of the most beautiful horses you will ever see. Lori competed and won in the Non Pro Limited Select division on her 4 year old Spooner.  Big props to the boss for making huge strides in a relatively new sport for her, no surprise to anyone that knows the competitor she is.

photo:Lori Adamski-Peek

Speaking of competitors, we have to congratulate  Jake Telford and Erin Taomino, who also happen to have prominent roles in the documentary. Jake and Erin took the Championship and Reserve Championship (First and Second place) titles in the highlight event of the Futurity which had 230 entries. While Jake came out with a fantastic run in the third event, the fence work, which vaulted him into the top spot, Erin followed directly behind him and blew the doors off the barn with an incredible run and the highest single run score any of us have ever seen leaving her a mere half point behind Jake.

Update from “Down The Fence†filming

gif:Chris Jameson

After coming painstakingly close several times, this was Jakes first time winning the top prize, and we couldn’t be more happy for him. As is the case of most everyone we have met and gotten to know while shooting Down the Fence, Jake and his family are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Congrats Jake!

Update from “Down The Fence†filming

photo:Chris Jameson

The film is on its way to being a finished project, but we still need financial help to get there. We are finished with the filming, editing is almost complete and we are negotiating music rights, composing the score, recording the voiceover, colorization and attending to many other post production details  Keep an eye out for an announcement of our second kickstarter to raise the final funding needed to finish this great story.  Fingers crossed and toes crossed big time!

Making Down the Fence-THE DRONE


We added a new video to our website, part of our ongoing work on the documentary film Down The Fence and the short videos we have put together to promote the film.

Patrick compiled the “crash reel” from the stunning footage Ben captured flying the camera over some of the ranches and landscapes of the film and found a few rare and unseen clips of failure and recovery.  It is all part of the challenge, taking our equipment to the edge.

MJ, the Producer of the film directed the edit.  Unfortunately, the final cut eliminated the profanities.

See the post on Facebook.

New Balance in Denver and Aspen

We recently finished an exciting new project with New Balance Women, shooting on location in Denver and Aspen, Colorado. Jam packed days were made easy thanks to an incredible group, filled with old friends and associates from previous productions as well as many new talented individuals that we had the pleasure of working with for the first time. 10’s of thousands of images were snapped, as well as several hours of motion capture were created by LAP productions team, pushing the talented and athletic models to the best of their abilities for the athletic shoe brand, and the results are very exciting! Keep an eye out for the release of these great images later this summer. Special thanks to the team at New Balance Women! We love the challenges you’ve brought to the table, and look forward to meeting and surpassing the next ones as well! A great big shout out and thanks to Liz Long and her team with Aspen productions for the extraordinary help and making things run as smoothly as possible from start to finish, couldn’t have done it without the amazing prep and support!

Stonewear Designs

Over the years Lori Adamski-Peek and team have been blessed to travel to some very remote and beautiful locations around the globe, often met with outstanding weather conditions that help whatever production we are on run smooth and be so successful in the end….. This was not the case recently when we took on a project in our own backyard. Shooting for two days in Ogden, Utah and Antelope island located by the Great Salt Lake with our first time client, Stonewear Designs, a woman’s clothing and apparel line for active life,  we were met with some of the craziest conditions we have ever come across.

Our scout day quickly became a working production day as we watched inclement weather bearing down on us. As we raced to gather our team together to beat a spring snow storm headed our way, our first challenge awaited us at location number 1…bugs. Thousands of bugs. Gnats. Teeny, tiny, numerous, biting gnats had recently hatched ahead of schedule due to unseasonable weather. We prepped the best we could with mosquito nets and coverage of any/all sorts to fend off the hungry insects. Unfortunately for our brave and talented models, the nets had to come off when the shooting started, but our team did all we could between studio fans and leaf blowers to shoo the pests away. We managed to survive the invasion and come away with some great shots, ahead of the first wave of the storm.
We moved up to Ogden, UT the following day and were lucky enough to be slated to shoot all day indoors, as it was a downpour combined with sideways wind for the majority of the day. While we missed having the beautiful natural light we are so accustomed to, it was nice to stay (mostly) dry for the day. Following a full day of shooting somewhat protected from the elements and away from an insect invasion, we headed back to the outdoors the next morning and were met with our final weather challenge, spring snow!  Grey conditions and sideways snowflakes couldn’t keep up from finishing strong, so we battled through the morning and managed to capture our final images to make the production a wrap.
Big thanks to the team at Stonewear Designs, our local production team, and all the talented models for fighting though some adverse conditions to help us come away with some great imagery once again! It’s not always sunshine and beaches, but it sure helps you appreciate those days when it’s not!

Stonewear Designs Stonewear Designs Stonewear Designs Stonewear Designs

On Assignment: Mia Love

On Assignment: Mia Love On Assignment: Mia LoveLast month we had a chance to shoot Mia Love for People Magazine, who today is being sworn in to the House of Representatives and will become the first Black Republican Congresswoman-elect. It was a whirlwind shoot with her and the busy schedule she keeps these days, but she and her family helped make easy work of the shoot, even when forced outside to a near by park in chilly Utah winds.