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Aqualillies – A Love Affair // Jennifer Robbins

Aqualillies – A Love Affair // Jennifer Robbins

By |July 21st, 2015|Categories: Syndicated Content|

Jennifer Robbins has fallen in love with the world famous—and retro glamorous— synchronized swimmers, Aqualillies. When we asked Jen to spill the beans about her newfound love, she spoke about the level of athleticism, talent and skill that’s required of these women which she finds totally inspiring. Not only that, but their retro style and flair bring back memories of the woman who taught Jen all about style – her beloved grandmother whose incredible fashion sense was vintage Hollywood all the way.

Coaxing these ladies out of their swim caps and onto dry land, Jen captured their sexy and playful spirits beautifully. Stay tuned. . .we’ll be sharing images of these sensational swimmers in the water later this summer!

Aqualillies – A Love Affair // Jennifer Robbins