Andy Anderson Does it Again. Sharing New Work From His Latest Series; OIL.

I am used to photographers calling me, excited about a new shot or an upcoming shoot.  I am used to them sharing their enthusiasm about a new camera or program they discovered. I am not surprised when they email me new work and proudly talk about the details of the shoot.  What I am not used to is when a photographer calls me so emotional about a new shot that he can hardly talk.

That was my experience with Andy Anderson when he shared with me his feelings about the images he shot at an oil field outside of Bakersfield, CA.  ”I am blown away but what I shot.  This is some of the best work I have ever done. I feel alive.”  These were his exact words.

When I saw the images, I knew exactly why he was so moved by his experience with the oil workers.  These images are indeed worth 1,000 words.  See for yourself.

Stay tuned, more from the series to be shared via a very special promotional piece.

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