When Doner dreamed up their campaign for UPS with a Hummel doll relaxing in a UPS box Alter came to mind. When “peace on Earth” was on everyone’s mind , a little toy soldier doing yoga told the whole story; Alter got the call.  Our team of cgi artists & retouchers brought these concepts to life with photo-real CGI.  Exploration with 3D sketches of characters – Alter’s specialty – based on agency layouts, that’s where it begins. Applying textures appropriate for surfaces of porcelain dolls, painted wood, vinyl pillows, and cardboard boxes – these are in Alter’s wheelhouse for expert integrated production; finalizing images with composting, and lighting, for the final artwork.  Next time you’re dreaming outside the box, let Alter take you on the ride of your dreams.  www.thinkalter.comALTER TEAMS UP WITH UPS

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