Adweek – The Hot List

The folks over at FoundFolios have a nice write up on my recent project for Adweek and their annual Hot List.

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.42.29 AM

I’ve had the good fortune of doing a few projects for them now, and they’re always super supportive of letting me take the reigns and turn an idea on its head.

Like the idea of Twitter being a ‘time suck.’


The sketch above is by the inimitable John Lavin, art direction and props extraordinaire.

He and I have too much fun. In fact, we’re shooting a project on Monday that involves ’40′s’ (that’s beer slang) and guns as key art for an upcoming film by the Seattle director, Lynn Shelton.


We’d been thinking how fun it’d be to have the twitter birds circling a cuckoo clock.

My creative director and photo editor were sold on the idea, but I had the idea above kicking around in my head.


So one afternoon, John and I got together to make magic happen. Above is the first direction, but we all agreed that the twitter birds flying away with digits off the clock was a stronger direction.


Here’s how it ran in the publication:


John and I also called our zombie buddy over to help us create an image for AMC’s The Walking Dead being awarded ‘Best Edge of Your Seat Thriller.’



More soon,


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