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A big thanks to @photograph_with_the_story for sharing two of my…

A big thanks to @photograph_with_the_story for sharing two of my…

By |July 19th, 2017|Categories: Syndicated Content|

A big thanks to @photograph_with_the_story for sharing two of my images this week! This is the story behind this photograph: Every year for the last 30 years I’ve visited the same mountain lake with my family. It is a place I dearly love and I often shoot there. On a recent visit I photographed two women together: a mother and adopted daughter. This image of the mother was shot shortly after sunset as it was becoming quite dark. Very little was pre-conceived about this shoot other than my desire to photograph the women interacting with each other floating, submerging and resurfacing. They were great sports since the lake was ice cold! I climbed on various docks and large boulders to capture images from above as well as joined the women in the lake so that I could be closer to them and capture their familial intimacy.
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