Last Friday was the second of this year’s open studio parties in my building with over 800 guests! I advertised in advance– for lack of a better word– “Free Selfies”.  A misnomer of course. I was actually inviting them to make a new profile pic with me, not a selfie – you wouldn’t see my arms. (I recently learned of the term “Profie-P” but thought the term too…tween UK)  This wasn’t the first time I’ve offered portraits at my parties (or shot a casting) and have learned from experience to do them fast.  So over the din of the DJ, I barked out simple posing direction then let them go for about 30 seconds. Not a lot of time but in the context of things, enough. So here–between cups of IPA and too brief conversations with friends–are people who gave me face time for the length of a toilet paper commercial. If any of these are you, click and drag the small thumbnail to your desktop, post, tweet, InstaG and share. Please just #30SecondPortraits #SaverioTruglia. Thanks for letting me shoot your picture. Thanks for coming to my studio and please stay in touch. saverio@saveriotruglia.com

Im also building a new section of my site with my favorites from this night  HERE.


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