24 hours with a few 24 year olds in Argentina is all it takes for Richard Schultz to stay in the moment.

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There are a series of images that Richard Schultz took on a trip to Argentina that I consider some of my favorites.  The people in the photographs are young and hip and clearly not American.  There is something compelling about the images that made me want to know more about the story.

When I asked Richard what was behind the images and what the photos meant to him, here is what he had to say:

 “The images are personal shots from a night…and morning…spent with some 24 year old friends in Argentina;  where the outdoor discos don’t even open until 1am.  While I was here, I was reminded that shooting keeps me in the moment.  Even though I’m old enough to be their father, at 43 thankfully I’m not… But, once I start shooting, any sense of tiredness or distraction or age difference totally disappears and I get caught up in the moment. To the chagrin of my assistants, I can do this for days.   For me, photographing is re-energizing and it always amazes me that energy is so totally based on engagement.

 Now, I like to party, but it’s just been a while since I’ve been dancing at 8am with a champagne bottle in one hand and a camera in the other.   But every once in a while it’s fun to let loose.  I want to have something to look back on and smile about when I’m 86 and cruising around in my PowerScooter.

 The best part of any of this is always the gift that people give me, the access into their lives and having them feel comfortable enough to forget about the camera, that’s the gift.

To me it’s like candy.”

To see more of Richard’s candy, link here.


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