Featured image: ©Christopher Griffith

This year’s Communication Arts Photography Annual is filled to the brim with AtEdge photographers and we couldn’t be more excited to see them get the recognition they deserve!

Congratulations to the 23 photographers that were handpicked by the exclusive group of judges for the most prestigious competition for creativity in photography.

Check out our winning photographers.

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Multimedia

©Satoshi Kobayashi | Category: Multimedia | “Dove Chocolate”

©Harold Lee Miller

©Harold Lee Miller | Category: Advertising | “Portrait of Josef Newgarden for 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500”

©Patrick Molnar

©Patrick Molnar | Category: Advertising |”REDLine Aerospace LLC”

©Paul Elledge

©Paul Elledge | Category: Advertising | “Joe Clay, Rockabilly Royalty”

©Richard Schultz

©Richard Schultz | Category: Advertising | “Dunira Estate”

©Russell Rutherford Group

©Russell + Rutherford | Category: Advertising | “Nutri Mexico Farms”

©Tyler Stableford

©Tyler Stableford | Category: Advertising | “Canon USA, The Farmers Series”

©Christopher Griffith

©Christopher Griffith | Category: Editorial | “Foot Soldiers”

©Jonathan Kambouris

©Jonathan Kambouris | Category: Editorial | “Ask Men’s Health”

©The Voorhes

©The Voorhes | Category: Editorial | “Drugstore Tank for ‘The Billionaire Behind Walgreen’s Quest for Dominance'”

©Chris Gordaneer

©Chris Gordaneer | Category: For Sale | “Morning Kayak”

©Morgan Silk

©Morgan Silk | Category: For Sale | “Saturn V Dynamic Test Vehicle”

©Tyler Gourley

©Tyler Gourley | Category: For Sale | “Waves”

©Andy Anderson

©Andy Anderson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Reindeer in Rut”

©Christopher Wilson

©Christopher Wilson | Category: Self-Promotion | “Alberta”

©Paolo Marchesi

©Paolo Marchesi | Category: Self-Promotion | “Fish Jump”

©Simon Harsent

©Simon Harsent | Category: Self-Promotion | “Hermann Nitsch”

©Stewart Cohen

©Stewart Cohen | Category: Self-Promotion | “Baby Beards”

©Beth Galton

©Beth Galton | Category: Unpublished | “Food Bouquet”

©David Emmite

©David Emmite | Category: Unpublished | “Book Club: Gone with the Wind”

©Dwight Eschliman

©Dwight Eschliman | Category: Unpublished | “Lake Shasta”

©Marc Tule

©Marc Tule | Category: Unpublished | “Pale Morning Dun”

©Sue Tallon

©Sue Tallon | Category: Unpublished | “Roots”