1978 Porsche SC Safari

The 1978 PORSCHE SC SAFARI made its debut at the 1978 East Africa Rally, arguably one of the toughest offroad races in the world. Deserts, insane heat, and the occasional elephant, it was not for the weak of car or shy of driver. And although the 911 Safari didn’t win (after damaging its suspension, it hobbled across the finish line in a lowly second place), it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how crazy tough these 911’s really were. You see, apart from a raised suspension, adding off-road tires, extra headlights and a roll-cage, this was a straight-off-of-the-assembly-line model. Pretty damn amazing.

While this bespoke 1978 Porsche photographed above never competed, owner Jim Goodlett kitted it out just like the original. When Jim’s not crashing through the swamps around Savannah in it, you can find him roaring into town for a cup of coffee. It’s quiet hilarious to see this car parked in downtown Savannah, completely caked in mud and looking like it just finished the East Africa Rally. As you can imagine, it attracts a lot of attention.

Thanks so much to Jim Goodlett for his big heart in letting us photograph his baby. To Tyler Northrup for all his continued friendship and expertise. And to Bob Ranew for just being the inspiring, beautiful man that he is.